About Us

Governance Systems International (GSI) is a multi-disciplinary consulting organisation with a continental transformative vision of tackling Africa’s development challenges. GSI offers solution-oriented consulting services to national/sub-national governments, private sector companies, and CSOs in Uganda and other African Countries. GSI provides outstanding consulting services in the technical areas of Democracy & Governance, Agriculture & Food Security, Water & Sanitation, Environment & Natural Resources, Sustainable Energy & Energy Efficiency, Health & Education, Solid Waste Management & Urban Development, as well as Trade & Private Sector Development. For more details, Download the GSI Profile


GSI is also registered by the Petroleum Authority of Uganda (PAU) on the National Supplier Database (NS-11153/18/0154) as a service provider in the oil and gas sector.


To be internationally distinguished as a trusted consulting partner in tackling Africa’s development challenges


Tackling Africa’s development challenges through training, technical assistance, and development Research


Professionalism, excellence, integrity, innovation & creativity, teamwork, Result Oriented, and Partnership & collaboration serve as the guiding principles and values in all our company operations.