Ministry of Water and Environment/Water and Sanitation Development Facility (WSDF)-North: Consultancy Services for Establishment of Sustainable Management Systems for Water for Production (WfP) Facilities in Karamoja Sub-Region (Training, Capacity Building and Formation of Management Committees for Completed and On-going Works) - MWE/WSDF-N/CONS/20-21/00008-Ongoing: Governance Systems International was contracted by Ministry of Water and Environment; Water and Sanitation Development Facility-North to support establishment of sustainable management structures and capacity building of stakeholders to enhance Operation and Maintenance of WfP facilities in Karamoja sub-region. The purpose of the assignment is to develop, implement and establish a functional Participatory Water Management System intended to improve utilization and management of WfP facilities in Karamoja. This will further improve and increase livestock productivity, build resilience of pastoral communities through improving timely response to water stress sustainably. Specifically, the objectives of the assignment will include:


·         Facilitate stakeholder participation in WfP investments (i.e. planning, management and community organisation). Stakeholder participation before, during and after development of WfP facilities is central to sustainability of WfP facilities.

·         Establish and strengthen management structures to manage the water for production facilities.

·         Create project awareness among key stakeholders.

·         Capacity building of management committees. The current WfP sources such as dams are considerably larger and have not been in existence as such the communities are in a learning process and continued support will be vital.

·         Establish the existing and potential water uses for the created facilities.

·         Ensure integration of environmental and source protection concerns in WfP facilities.

·         Ensure inclusion Gender and other cross-cutting issues in Participatory Water for Production activities.

·         Disseminate information, education and communication (IEC) materials to aid in building capacity especially at post-construction stage.

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