Pre-feasibility studies for "direct use" geothermal energy in Uganda and Tanzania under the East African Geothermal energy (EAGER) Facility funded by DFID (February  9, 2018 to November 30, 2018): Governance Systems International was contracted by Adam Smith International (ASI) to be part of the consulting team carrying out the pre-feasibility studies for "direct use" geothermal energy (i.e., using the hot water from geothermal resources to provide energy for local industry like greenhouses, fish drying, tourism, etc.in Uganda and Tanzania.

GSI was responsible for providing Local government/community relations expertise to the EAGER team during this assignment. The assignment involved helping the EAGER team in community engagement to obtain information on local industry, (industrial) customer ability/willingness to pay for geothermal, volumes of geothermal fluid that could be used by each industry etc., and help facilitate site visits for our technical team. GSI also helped the EAGER team to contact and meet with local government and community officials in the target areas in order to gain constructive input, understanding of, and support for the study and served as a liaison between the EAGER technical team and government of Uganda (Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development and the department of Geothermal Resources).


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