One of the core challenges as African countries continue to grow and develop is energy to meet the rising demand for power, transport and other uses in a way that is economically sustainable and safeguards livelihoods.

Africa is richly endowed with renewable energy sources which requires sound planning to ensure the correct energy mix decisions are made today that will shape the continent’s energy use for decades to come. GSI provides consulting services for designing and implementing of accompanying measures required in the planning, design and implementation of energy infrastructure projects aimed at ensuring sustainability.

The accompanying measures implemented by GSI for the energy infrastructure includes but not limited to the following: Feasibility studies, Socio-economic studies, Sector studies, Baseline studies and needs assessments, ESIAs and RAP Studies. GSI provides expertise in environmental, economic and financial analysis for energy projects aiming at providing decision makers with focused analytical information.

Our tools include Financial and Economic Analysis, Energy and Environmental impact assessment and Audits, Energy Planning and Development and other related accompanying measures for energy infrastructure projects. Partnering with leading international organisations in the energy sector has provided Governance Systems International with a great opportunity to bring stakeholders together to develop, implement and evaluate policies and practices that improve power systems, the use of renewable Energy sources and the application of sustainable Energy technologies. 

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